Vintage 2019 Barrel Tasting

Tasting notes and wine samples of the latest Escarpment vintages before bottling.


“Yesterday was a crucial day at Escarpment: we tasted more than 30 different barrel wines blind, to assess the quality of the vintage, which helps Larry and and myself understand this very challenging but special year, and adjust our winemaking decisions accordingly.

All is about understanding, as we aim to produce honest and vibrant wines, which reflect the uniqueness of Te Muna Rd and Martinborough, as well as producing consistent wines with respect to the vintage. Indeed, even if this year has resulted in a very low crop due to frost and was a challenging growing season, we can now say that we are very happy and confident so far with the quality and concentration of what we have in barrel. Beautiful savoriness, dark berries, along with earthiness and spice. The wines show plenty of rich ripe fruits, with lots of supple tannin and colour. These are opulent wines, but with finesse – if only there was more!

The Escarpment signature is there, making me proud of my first vintage with Larry and the team. However nothing is finished yet, and now time is needed  for these wines to integrate and find their own harmony.

It’s a long game, so wait and see…in September 2020.”

Tim Bourne, Winemaker

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Larry McKenna tasting through Pinot Noir.

Tasting the Single Vineyard Masterpieces

Joelle Thomson | July 2023

Joelle Thomson | July 2023

Photo of James Suckling with a glass of Pinot Noir.

James Suckling | August 2019