Larry McKenna


Vintage Internships

Escarpment is buzzing at the moment with Vintage underway and the arrival of three new special guests for the coming months to help us achieve another great vintage; Chris Reynolds & Becca Cranston from London and Etienne Dousse from France.

Chris and Becca have both worked at Majestic Wines, which is the UK’s largest specialist retailer of wine, not only have they worked there for over 5 years, it’s where they first met! They also met Larry at various tastings and at the International Wine Trade Fair in London.
Having spent a few months travelling around the NZ countryside they are now ready to start their internship here at Escarpment. It’s not their first time helping with vintage though, as last year they were travelling through Australia and helping at a few vineyards such as Mosswood in Margaret River, and they are looking forward to learning the different approach that Larry and the team have here.

Etienne orginates 20minutes north-west of Paris, and has previously been interning at Studio Canal and various Law offices in Paris. He is liking the taste of the Escarpment barrel samples so far, but says jokingly that it is “nearly as good as burgundy” where he has had some previous experience in Burgundy vintage grape picking at Domaine Lucien Jacob vineyard in France. Etienne will join us for vintage, and then is off to explore New Zealand.

Chris and Etienne have enjoyed working with Huw lately racking the 2015 Pinot Noir’s and they now look forward to joining Becca in the vineyard.

The three special guests are currently shacked up with Larry and Milo, and are enjoying his fabulous hospitality, his amazing cooking and of course his cellar!

We look forward to enjoying a fabulous vintage with you all.


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