Larry McKenna

Escarpment Wines

The soils of these vineyards are alluvial loams, over alluvial gravels that form the Martinborough Terrace. This composition ensures exceptional drainage and warmer profiles, key prerequisites for nurturing and producing premium quality, healthy grape vines. The climate is cool with summer days rarely exceeding 30º centigrade. This allows the grapes to ripen very slowly and to develop pure, powerful fruit characters with finely textured tannins. The rainfall is low averaging 700mm per annum with very stable weather patterns particularly during autumn, the all-important harvest period

Artisan Wines

Escarpment’s Artisan range is a commitment to the future expansion of our key varieties. Exploring boundaries has always been part of our philosophy and is exhibited in our winemaking approach. As we are 1 year away from Biogro certification (we hope) it’s time to start discovering the possibilities of organically grown fruit and a more natural approach to our winemaking.

The Insight Series

For many years, Larry McKenna was fuelled with the desire to craft a Pinot Noir that was purely dedicated to expressing the unique vineyard characteristics, collectively known as terroir, of the Martinborough Terraces. In 2003, treading in the historic footsteps of Burgundy where Larry developed his passion for Pinot Noir, he turned a tiny amount of grapes from his low-yielding Te Muna Road vineyard into what is now one of New Zealand’s most revered wines, Kupe.

From the outstanding 2006 vintage Larry added a further two exceptional sites that he knew offered unique qualities that would shine through the resulting wines. These are Kiwa and Te Rehua. Together, these three wines portray the essence of the Martinborough Terraces.

The Edge

The Escarpment Vineyard EDGE range includes Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. It has been created to allow more fruit driven easy drinking expressions of these varieties.They are made without the use of oak and usually include small amounts of residual sugar. This means the wines are ideal for current vintage drinking and make great aperitifs. For this reason they are often found sold by the glass in restaurants.

All fruit for our Edge is from Martinborough and is processed in the same meticulous manner Escarpment wines are made.

These wines  age gracefully but make for great drinking in the first one or two years after bottling.