Larry McKenna


Pinot Noir 2010

Wellington again hosted the NZ version of Pinot Heaven during February. Pinot Noir 2010, the fourth triennial event was a great success with over 400 delegates. The highlight came on the second day when a great tasting of sustainably produced New Zealand Pinot Noirs drew a enormous deal of interest and comment. Jamie Goode (UK) gave a great presentation as part of this tasting and he is well worth following on his twitter page and blog.
The conclusion to the formal sessions was a tasting of Pinot Noirs from France, USA, Australia and NZ. Hosted by Larry it was a chance to decide just how far we have come globally and to taste if we are truly up to the international standards we must achieve. The learned global commentators were generally impressed. The best overall comments perhaps coming from Bob Campbell as quoted by Tim Atkin. Tim felt that out of the 100 plus producers on show 25 were of world class standard. He told Bob Campbell MW about his findings he nodded sagely, “In 2001, there were many dogs and a few stars. Now there are many stars and a few dogs.” Roll on Pinot 2013.


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