Sustainable Winemaking & Organic Viticulture

Escarpment Vineyard subscribes to 3 pillars which support its approach to sustainable winemaking and organic viticulture.

  • Firstly we want to leave the land we farm in a more sustainable state than we started with.
  • Secondly we want our wines to be as pure and as healthy as possible while still maintaining the ultimate quality level we strive for
  • And thirdly, the wines must exhibit their place, so minimum input organic approach allows us to reflect the place and vintage faithfully.

Escarpment Vineyard along with our Single Vineyards Kiwa and Te Rehua have been accredited Biogro status since 2019. The blocks have been run organically since 2016 so completed the 3 year transition required for certification. Alongside this, all grapes processed by Escarpment have Sustainable Winegrowing NZ accreditation, a NZ Wine industry classification ensuring grapes are grown and made sustainably.

Escarpment sees itself as guardians of our vineyards and wish to ensure they remain viable, healthy places to grow and make wine. 

We are totally committed to producing wines which sing of their place and are as healthy and delicious as possible.