Larry McKenna

The Brands

The Escarpment

Escarpment Vineyard’s logo features great Polynesian voyager – Kupe. According to Maori legend, he discovered New Zealand (Aotearoa), leaving his three canoes (Nga Waka) on top of the Aorangi Ranges which overlook the vineyard. Given this, and the fact Kupe was a leader and a voyager – a pioneer in every sense of the word – this warrior and his story provide the inspiration for the vineyard’s distinctive logo and brand.

Artisan Wines

Escarpment’s Artisan range is a commitment to the future expansion of our key varieties. Exploring boundaries has always been part of our philosophy and is exhibited in our winemaking approach. As we are 1 year away from Biogro certification (we hope) it’s time to start discovering the possibilities of organically grown fruit and a more natural approach to our winemaking.

The Martinborough Insight Series

Pinot Noir’s spiritual home is Burgundy. There it’s recognized as a very transparent wine style, which in the best years reflects its Terroir or growing site. Martinborough is no exception to this rule. The most amazing vineyards produce exceptional, unique wines of great character and typicity. Escarpment’s Insight Series presents 3 sites Kupe, Kiwa and Te Rehua each of which reflect their soil type, topography and vineyard profile.

Burgundy markets its wine under vineyard designations rather than by variety. The greatest sites demand the most attention. It’s time the premium Martinborough locations are recognized and the wines honoured. That’s what these 3 wines represent. An insight into the Terroir of Martinborough.

The Edge

The Edge brand champions New Zealand through the use of indigenous iconography. It draws on the Kupe narrative of the Escarpment range and encompasses full flavoured, high quality wines at mid price point. The ‘edge’ refers both to New Zealand’s position on the edge of the world and to the Escarpment vineyards being on the edge of the sloping escarpment on the Huangarua River. New Zealand charactertistics of bold innovation are hailed by this brand that invites you to join in their venture to the edge.