Larry McKenna

Sustainable Wines

Escarpment is accredited with Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand ®, an industry initiative directed through New Zealand Winegrowers. With a growing trade and consumer demand for environmentally friendly products, it provides an important platform to promote the New Zealand wine industry as a world leader in clean, green wine production.

We are in the process of converting to full organic status over the next 3 years. We started this process 2 years ago but will not apply for organic status until we have reached a higher standard than we currently achieve. We expect to be fully compliant to Biogrow standards within 12 months, then will make sure of our ability by running the vineyard programme for a further 2 more years.

We currently achieve the following:


Naturally cooled temperature control warehouse. No inputs to maintain temperature.

Water Tank

Our own water supply from collected rain water (or a bore if it’s very dry weather)


Treat all our own effluent and irrigate this back onto a stand of native trees.


The winery is functioning under Biogrow standards with all naturally occurring yeast, and indigenous malolactic bacteria


Intensive hand work in the vineyards to create ideal canopies which are less disease prone. Things like shoot thinning, leaf plucking, lateral removal and bunch thinning.


Underground winery so again naturally cool and humidified environment for barrel storage of wine.


Ongoing compost creation, which is spread back onto vineyards.