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Horty Sports Day

On the 30th July 2014 Te Kairanga Vineyard in Martinborough hosted the first ever Young Viticulturalist competition to be held in the Wairarapa. The event consists of 7 under 30 year olds from the local vineyard industry being put through a challenging day of 8 activities, a mixture of practical and theory.

One of these activities is called the Horty Sports, it is the only event that the competitors do together on the day. It was my pleasure to design the course, organise the gear and run the event on the day. The aim of this event is to have a bit of fun while also challenging the guys physically and practically so my course went like this … A good old fashioned sack race for 40 meters, moving trellising wires, attaching clips to a post, reversing a quad bike and trailer 30 meters, assembling a dismantled pair of secateurs and then pruning four vines, tying a rope into a truckie tie, filleting a flounder with a pocket knife, identifying five beers in a blind tasting and finally dribbling a rubber ball around cones in the long grass to the finish line. All of this while carrying a raw egg with them. I thought this was not too over the top but according to one of the organisers of the Hawkes Bay and National Horty Sports I’ve raised the bar for future events around the country. Bring it on guys!!

Also involved with this event was our machinery operator Noel who helped me set up the course and tidy up afterwards and Huw our winemaker was one of the judges. Larry spent the day judging the interview section of the Young Viticulturist.

Janine Pederson – Vineyard Manager



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