Larry McKenna

Host Responsibility


We operate under our OFF LICENCE, which is issued in the name of Escarpment Vineyard, and expires 13th August 2018.



While we do not have a cellar door – we do complete website orders and occasionally offer barrel tastings by appointment.

Host Responsibility at Escarpment Vineyard is a set of strategies to help create a safer drinking environment. We aim to reduce intoxication and its associated harms by focusing on the server of alcohol and the environment in which alcohol is consumed.

Our Host Responsibility is based on six key concepts.

As a responsible host we:

– prevent intoxication

– do not serve alcohol to minors

– provide and actively promote low and non-alcoholic alternatives

– provide and actively promote substantial food

– serve alcohol responsibly or not at all

– arrange safe transport options.

All staff will receive ongoing and regular training to ensure that the policy is working effectively at the Escarpment premises.