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Wings Over Wairarapa

By Larry, 29 January 2015. Posted in Uncategorized

  Wings over Wairarapa displayed some exciting multi rotor air frames (drones)  at its two-yearly air show in Masterton recently. Obviously they have many applications but will be a huge boost to vineyard management. Aerial…

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Optimistic About A Great Vintage

By Rebecca Collins, 29 January 2015. Posted in Escarpment, Escarpment Wines, Horticulture, Vintage

  The great thing about working on the land with crops is that no two seasons are ever exactly the same. Vintages and seasons can be great, average or bad, or a mixture of all…

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MLF Time at Escarpment

By Huw, 26 January 2015. Posted in Escarpment, Escarpment Wines, Pinot Noir

  It is MLF (malolactic fermentation) time at the Escarpment winery, over the last month all our Pinot Noirs in barrel have been undergoing MLF. It is conducted by lactic acid bacteria, which de-acidify the…

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